Body Cream + Lip Balm

Body Cream + Lip Balm

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This hyper-nourishing and moisturizing DUO is ideal for dry skin in need of a little boost.
The body cream protects the skin without leaving an oily film and is perfect for repairing cracks caused by dry skin (hands, feet, elbows).
It is also great sunburn aftercare: apply it generously to help soothe the affected skin and speed up the healing process.
The lightweight lip balm will repair, protect, and moisturize your lips.
Organic ingredients such as pomegranate, vitamin E, and cocoa butter make it luxurious and effective.

100 ml | 3.3 fl oz (Body cream)
30 ml | 1 oz (Lip balm)

Application: Apply the body cream to clean, dry skin (morning and night as needed) and the lip balm to lips (and even cheeks) for a layer of hydrating protection.

Skin type: Sensitive, Normal, Dry, Combination, and Oily

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