MÜ Care Services

It is in an intimate and comforting space that I invite you for holistic and therapeutic services adapted to you personally.

A range of services is available, from massage therapy to facials, combining technology with ancestral Chinese techniques.

All care services are accompanied by organic products made by my beautiful hands to offer you the invigorating benefits of nature, the best of the best.


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60 minutes $90          75 minutes $105            90 minutes $125

Massage and "Cupping" (90 min) $125

Adapted to your needs (relaxation, therapeutic, sports), the massage is accompanied by an aromatic experience. Following the evaluation of your needs, together we will choose the essential oils that appeal to you the most to deeply soothe and treat your body and soul.
* I offer receipts for insurance purposes.

Learn how to prepare your body for massage by reading this Tool Box (Blog) article.


The MÜ “Grand Menage” (or the “Deep Cleansing”) $125

A session of microdermabrasion integrated with a facial adapted to your skin. Includes blackhead removal, mask, serum, massage, and finishing cream. 75 min 

The MÜ Gym Facial $175

A combination of the MÜ Deep Cleansing treatment with microdermabrasion and muscle stimulation with micro-current (a device that sends signals to the muscles to return to their original shape). Gentle and absolutely painless, the muscle stimulation takes about 30 minutes. The muscles of the face will be firmer and the anti-fatigue lifting effect is instantaneous. 90 min


The MU Cures are a simple and effective method to maximize the effectiveness of your treatments. We schedule a series of targeted treatments within a period of two months, therefore “boosting” the positive effects of said treatments and increasing the chance of long-term benefits. You have two months to book your appointments. The Cures are not transferable, exchangeable, or refundable. The Cure is yours and yours alone (targeted to your skin), so it cannot be shared with anyone else. 

The MÜ Grand Ménage | Deep Cleansing Cure $435

Includes the Grand Ménage | Deep Cleansing treatment + 4 microdermabrasion sessions

The MÜ Gym Facial Cure $575

Includes the Gym Facial + 4 micro-current sessions

The MÜ Complete Cure $620

Includes 5 Gym Facials. That is to say 5 treatments with microdermabrasion and micro-current to sculpt and tone the muscles of the face.

* Please don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions or concerns

Regarding Cancellations

For cancellations, we ask that you give us a minimum of 24-48 hours' notice before the appointment time. This gives us an opportunity to open the time slot to another client.