Valentine's Set | Me, Myself and My Bath

Valentine's Set | Me, Myself and My Bath

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Want to show your love and appreciation?
Our one-of-a-kind gift sets are the ideal way to treat that special someone on Valentine's / Galentine's Day

It's bath time !  By combining the bath salt and multipurpose oil in your bathtub, you will get a relaxation time as nourishing as it is soothing that you will want to last forever.  The scents of lavender, chamomile and arnica will have a calming impact on your nervous system and allow you to enjoy this moment for yourself.
One (1) MÜ Holographic cosmetic pouch bag
One (1) MÜ Multi-use Oil
One (1) MÜ Bath Soak

We will include a handwritten note (copy one of the messages below into your order's notes or include a short message of your own) and deliver it right to your loved one's door. (Don't forget to enter their shipping address and name when prompted!)

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Anonymous Valentine's / Galentine's Day Messages:

  1. You're beautiful and je t'aime!
  2. You make all the difference, thank you.
  3. Having you in my life brings me joy.
  4. You brighten my days.
  5. Since we can't hug, here's a little special something.
  6. Something to show you just how much I appreciate you.
  7. A little special something to say thank you for being you.
  8. Distance makes the heart grow fonder.
  9. Thanks for sticking around.
  10. Write your own and include it in your order's notes!

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