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Here is a suggested routine for people with skin that tugs.

Several external factors are big dehydrating players such as wind, cold and heating, which will contribute to the evaporation of water on the surface of th epidermis.  The superficial layers of the skin contain a low 10% of water, therefore it is important to cherish and protect them to avoid dullness and fine lines.

After balancing the Ph with the floral water, apply the glow serum, the hyaluronic acid will act as an invisible sponge to help bind the water into the skin.  Afterwards, use the multi-purpose oil on your face to nourish and soothe irritations caused by dehydration, the polyunsaturated essential fat acid will help create a barrier to keep the water in the skin.  Finally, moisturize your face with the face cream, or body cream if you feel your skin is still hungry.  When you're exposed to very cold temperatures, apply the lip balm before going out, all over your face.  Its healing ingredients help create a gentle barrier for your skin.

Daily Routine: 

  1. Cleansing gel ( night only ) 
  2. Floral water 
  3. Glow serum 
  4. Multi-purpose oil 
  5. Face cream * or *  body cream ( if you feel your skin is still hungry
  6. Lip balm

1 or 2 times a week:

  1. Cleansing gel ( night only )
  2. Toner or Floral water 
  3. Polish 
  4. Glow serum
  5. Moisturizing mask 
  6. Glow serum
  7. Multi-purpose oil
  8. Face cream * or *  body cream ( if you feel your skin is still hungry )
  9. Lip balm

 Not sure if this routine is for you ? Book a 30 - minutes online consultation, it's free !

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